A few weeks ago, I was searching for an old client file and noticed quite by chance that the first file in the folder had been created almost 10 years ago to the day!

It’s no surprise that the tenth anniversary of my self-employment almost passed me by. I’ve been lucky enough to have one of my busiest years to date, which is not bad going in the midst of a global pandemic! I’ve also been homeschooling three kids, tearing my hair out daily as a result, getting my new website ready for launch and planning not one but two new ventures! But more on those another time…

The last ten years haven’t always been this good, and like all freelancers I’ve had my share of ups and downs. I’m all too familiar with the ‘feast and famine’ cycle, with too much work one month and barely a trickle the next. There have been plenty of occasions when I have almost thrown in the towel – the allure of paid annual leave and a pension plan almost being strong enough to pull me back to full-time employment. But a new project has always come along at the right time, reminding me that things are going to be OK.

I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world now. The freedom, the flexibility and the sheer variety of my projects are worth more than financial stability! And fingers crossed, all indications are that I am finally achieving that too.

So…happy anniversary to me! And if you have a marketing or copywriting project that you’d like to discuss, please get in touch.


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