Our Services

We help businesses with everything from social media and content creation, to ongoing marketing management and strategic planning.

Marketing Copy

Whether you’re launching a new website, furthering a cause or emailing your customers about your latest offer, your words can mean the difference between success and failure. Between yes and no. Between engagement and disinterest.

A good copywriter turns standard communications into memorable brand experiences. We raise awareness, create desire and incite action. We create attention-grabbing copy that gets results.

Whether you’re looking for winning web copy, effective emails or engaging social content, we craft communications that cut through.

“Because words are a magic too, and they can contain everything.” Matt Haig

Website Copy

You might have the greatest website design in the world, but if your words fall flat you’ll be losing out on clients and customers.

We write web copy for all kinds of businesses, and we specialise in writing content that users read, share and act upon. Content that is jam-packed with SEO goodness without sacrificing any of your brand’s personality.

Articles/Blog posts

Regularly publishing interesting, relevant articles on your website will do wonders for your Google rankings, and it’s also the perfect fodder for the ever hungry social media beast.

We can provide you with a steady flow of well-crafted press releases, blog posts, case studies and good news stories. If you’re pushed for time, we’ll even add them to your website and post them to your social media accounts. Online content? Done! Without having to lift a finger…

12-month Content Plan

Generating good online content shouldn’t mean scrabbling around for a half decent news story every month.

We’ll work with you to understand your business, identify sources of high quality content and create a 12-month content plan, so that we always know what we’re going to be writing about next. Your content plan will be unique to your business and will expertly blend industry news, human interest stories, client case studies and more.

Don’t worry, the content plan is completely flexible, so if you have a big client win in July, we’ll simply move things around to make sure it gets the airtime it deserves.


As we mentioned earlier, social media channels are hungry beasts. They have a voracious appetite for content, but when they’re fed well, they will reward you with a big, fat online following of fans, all ready to buy from you and recommend you to others.

The beauty of our content plan is that it provides you with a well-thought out programme of content for all your channels, all year long. We’ll intersperse longer articles and think pieces with shorter, focused posts to make sure you’re building a strong, online profile.

When it comes to social media, we can do as much or as little as you like. We can simply create a content plan, leaving you free to create the posts, or we can write them for you.

Editing and Proofing

Poor spelling and grammar can make your communications look sloppy and unprofessional. A misplaced apostrophe may go unnoticed by some of your customers but will send others into fits of apoplectic rage.

So do your brand a favour. Let us cast a critical eye over your writing, with our editing and proofreading service.

We’ll add our professional polish to anything from an email or text message to a full website, e-book or script.


The ability to write professionally, clearly and accurately is an essential skill for any business.

We love working with business owners and marketing teams to help them develop their own writing skills. We offer a number of 1-2-1 and team coaching services, as well as practical, how-to guides and courses – all designed to help you and your people become better writers.

Our short, targeted courses cover topics including:

Press releases
Email marketing
Content planning
Social media/website content

Bids, Grants and Awards

If you need help to write a winning contract bid or grant application, our expert team can help. Our experienced bid and grant writers know exactly what’s required to get you noticed – and get you the result you want.

Business awards are a great way to boost your profile and gain valuable PR. But who has the time to sit and write the entries? Us, that’s who. We’ve written successful business awards entries for countless clients. Their heaving trophy shelves are proof of that!


If English is not your first language, but you’re targeting customers in English-speaking countries, you’ll need to invest in a good localisation service.

Getting your marketing material translated into English is only the first step (and we can help you with that too!)

Why? Translators are not copywriters. Although their translations may be accurate, they probably don’t read well. Copy that has been translated from another language usually sticks out like a sore thumb. If you’ve invested in a professional translation service, you need to make sure your copy sparkles – in both languages!

Let us give your translated text a marketing makeover. We’ll pick up any errors as well as ironing out any cultural inaccuracies or issues in your copy.