As we all know, 2020 has been a bit of a sh*tshow, to say the very least. Many of the businesses we work with have suffered, particularly the creative agencies, whose clients have understandably put a temporary hiatus on their marketing spend.

Touch wood, we’ve been incredibly lucky so far. Yes, the summer was a little quieter (thankfully, as this allowed me to juggle projects with the dreaded homeschooling!) but for the most part, our clients kept the work coming through and we’ve managed to ride out the Covid-19 storm.

What little free time I did have was spent baking banana bread (obvs), planning our new website (ta-da!) and working with a wonderful new client.

Rain Rescue is a small animal rescue charity based in Wickersley, Rotherham. Which just happens to be where I’m from! They take in vulnerable cats and dogs from across the region, providing care, nursing them back to health and finding them new forever homes. And when I saw on LinkedIn that their new fundraising manager was a lovely ex-colleague of mine, I felt compelled to get in touch.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, charities have been among the hardest hit. Whole calendars of fundraising activities have had to be cancelled and as people started to worry about their incomes, donations started to dwindle too. For Rain Rescue, it got to the point where they didn’t know if they would survive the year.

Effective writing is crucial to charities like Rain Rescue, so I offered my skills on a pro bono basis, to try and help see them through the crisis. I mean, I didn’t do much, especially in comparison to their amazing and dedicated team. A few press releases and news articles were about the extent of it. But interestingly, every one of them did help stimulate more donations. Which just goes to show how important it is for small charities to keep their profile up through effective communications.

If you’d like to support Rain Rescue, you can do so here. It really is a wonderful, deserving charity.