JJ Thompson are one of the UK’s leading orthodontic laboratories. Their skilled technicians produce thousands of high quality, hand-finished orthodontic appliances each year.

Eurodontic is their sister company, supplying dental technicians with orthodontic equipment and materials from the world’s best manufacturers.

I’ve been working with both companies for 10 years now, acting as their part-time marketing manager. Although I only work for them for a few hours each week, we’ve achieved a phenomenal amount over the last decade.

We’ve rebranded both companies, relaunched their websites, branded various product lines, devised and implemented campaigns, celebrated their 60th year in business and so much more.

JJ Thompson

During that time, I’ve seen them grow their business, become part of the Bupa family and push the boundaries of what’s possible in their profession. Always forward-thinking and quick to embrace new tech, they embody ‘innovation’ more than any other client I work with.

Best of all, the team at JJ Thompson and Eurodontic are an absolute dream to work with. They’re funny, friendly and down to earth, which goes a long way toward explaining why many of their staff (and clients) have been with them for decades.

I’m lucky to count myself among them. Here’s to the next 10 years!

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