CBE+ are specialist, precision-engineering subcontractor based in Chesterfield. They work across a range of industries, such as aerospace, defense and medical, offering a number of complementary services including CNC machining, electroless nickel plating, gearing and lab testing.

They approached the Backroom Agency when they were still known as Cooper Brown Enterprises. They were looking to bring their four individual companies together under one name which would reflect the group’s synergy and ability to collaborate closely.


The Backroom Agency did a brilliant job of rebranding the company and relaunching their website. But just over a year later, something wasn’t quite working for CBE+. In the midst of Covid-19, their Head of Business Development needed to concentrate on sales, to ensure the company made it through the pandemic. Their Marketing Manager had started out as an apprentice, and although she was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, she lacked on-the-ground experience. The CEO was also keen to understand and measure the impact of their marketing spend.

CBE+Marketing strategy

I was brought in for one day per week to help strengthen the team, provide coaching and support to the Marketing Manager and free up the BDM to do what he does best. I created a marketing strategy, a 12-month marketing calendar, reporting template and content planner. I also devised a 12-month training plan to help get the Marketing Manager up-to-speed, and I now hold weekly Teams calls to provide practical coaching and support.

I’m really enjoying being part of the CBE+ team and look forward to helping them achieve the success they deserve.

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