One of the best things about being a copywriter is the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ you learn about. Writing about any complex or technical subject firstly requires you to absorb the subject matter, before you can turn it into clear, concise copy that can be easily understood by the target market.

I usually manage to expel superfluous knowledge once it’s no longer needed. Although it often takes with it rather more useful info, such as where my house keys are, and what day my kids need their PE kits!

But certain projects are just so flipping interesting that I find myself hoping I retain at least a few of the factoids that I uncover during the course of a job.

Our latest project is a case in point. We’re working with a university, a wonderful, long-standing client of ours, on a project which aims to shine a light on some of the amazing research projects they undertake.

We’re working with their academics, firstly to understand the content and impact of their collective research projects, and then to write about each one in a way that will be engaging and accessible to the average layperson. Essentially, we’re boiling down each academic’s life’s work into a single article!

So far, we’ve covered topics ranging from midwifery to medieval literature. A lot of them are really complex, but let me tell you, they’re all completely fascinating! Honestly, every day spent on this project is a school day.

Let’s just hope some of it sticks. We could be real assets on someone’s pub quiz team!